Domestic Tours


Exploring Northern Area

Pakistan is a land of History, Culture and Natural beauty. In North you can enjoy the scenic views of lush green mountains, snow capped peaks and amazing waterfalls along with stunning views of lakes.

In this part of the country you can visit Swat valley (Mahodand Lake, Ski resort Malam Jabba), Hunza Valley, Chitral Valley (Kalash Valley, Kumrat Valley), Kaghan Valley (Lake Saif ul Muluk, Lulusar Lake), Azad Jammu & Kashmir (Neelum Valley, Shardha Valley, Sudhan Gali) and can do mountaineering in Skardu Valley to the base camp of K2 peak.

Exploring Central Part

The Central part of the country is very much enriched in the Historical and the Cultural sites.

In the upper central region we have Gandhara Civilization sites where you can visit the ruins of Monasteries, Stupas and the archeological sites of 327 B.C. time.

The middle part of the country is enriched with architectural sites of more than 500 years old along with Hindu, Sikh, British and the modern buildings.

In lower part of the country you can visit different places of Indus Civilization.

Religious Tourism

Pakistan is also very much enriched country in history and as the country has a well defined history of B.C. time so you can find here the holy places of different religions like Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Most of the holy places are well maintained and functional.

School Tourism

We also cater the interest of the students on National and International level by offering the specially designed tours to the educational institutions as per their requirement.

Student Exchange Program

We also arrange the Students Exchange Program designed for the educational/ sport activities of the students.